Organic living and raw foods are richly grown, uncooked, vegetables, fruits, and sprouted seeds, nuts, and grains that contain powerful life giving enzymes and vital nutrients.
ORGANIC simply means that the food is grown in nutrient rich soil without the use of harmful chemicals.
LIVING means that the foods still contain their own life giving enzymes and all their vital nutrients.
RAW just means that the foods have not been cooked above 105 degrees.
ENZYMES are the "life", or energized protein molecules, within the foods that are heat sensitive. Enzymes are the catalyst that enables all vital nutrients to be assimilated in the body. This process is necessary for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients that bring a perfect balance within the body. Without enough enzymes, the body becomes toxic, producing sickness, disease, and ailments of all kinds.
LIVING NUTRITION "speaks for itself." The evidence of a person who lives on living foods are endless: fuels the immune system, which is the God-given system of your body that fights all sickness and disease; reaches the core of every cell to renew to a healthy condition, reversing damage done from years of neglect; helps maintain a healthy weight, by weight loss or weight gain; restores natural vigor, giving the body the energy of an eagle; renews your youthful appearance, giving the skin a healthy glow, and sparkling eyes; rids the body of a tired and sluggish feeling, like when you eat a cooked meal; restores those sleepless nights, allowing the body to regenerate in a proper amount of sleep at night; restores the natural luster and color of hair, lost due to deficiency; the best and safest way to rid the body of toxins that cause disease; restores the correct acid/alkali balance; and not to forget adding decades to your life and life to your decades.
Your SELF-HEALING body is intelligently designed to handle many tasks given the right tools. People have been healed of all sorts of ills, including these: cancers, fibromyalgia, diabetes, blindness and impaired vision, colitis, HIV & AIDS, digestive problems, MS, Parkinsons, arthritis, autism, ADD & ADHD, asmtha, allergies, anxiety, depression, migraines, back pain, heartburn, endometriosis, infertility, diverticulitis, nerve damage, irritable bowel syndrome, down's syndrome, constipation, candida, herpes, hepatitis, and most of everything else.
IT DOESN'T TAKE LONG TO PRODUCE RESULTS of healing on living foods. Some things take longer to heal than others, but there is a definite notice within a few days of starting. After a dedication of a month to living foods, you will have a undeniable awareness of the positive impact that it is capable of having on your overall health.

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Comment by Deborah King on July 19, 2011 at 2:20pm

Where do I begin?  Where do I shop to find these foods?

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